Responsible Partner

Promotional products, as any other branded product, represent the very conscious of your brand. Understanding the actual social and ecological impact of any product you put in the marketplace is crucial for your brand image. The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach of your supplier is today, more than ever, a priority.

808 Solutions is in that respect an ideal partner. Since our early days as a manufacturer in China, we have made the ecological impact of our activities a priority. We have always taken great care in the social wellbeing of the people that work, directly or indirectly, on our products.

We control our production directly, enabling us to conduct in-depth CSR audits for all our products.  We are on the production floor day in day out. For us, CSR is an ongoing process.

In this context we deliberately limit our production activities to certain chinese provinces where we have a strong local presence and our staff is at home. We do not work from countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and certain other southeast asian countries, given that the social and ecological industrial realities there are often not on par with our standards.

CSR is not about a one-off audit. Our entire process flow, starting from raw materials & sourcing, over production& logistics, are constantly being monitored. We base ourselves on the highest SEDEX guidelines and subscribe to the UN Global Compact (want to know more).

Apart from that, all our goods are RoHS or REACH compliant. Depending on the nature of the products, we supply the relevant EU certificates.  We co-operate with SGS, a worldwide inspection and certification service company.

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