China Structure

808 Solutions offers a radically different approach to sales premiums, give aways and related
OEM products. 808 Solutions is a China based and bred company. 

In contrast with our old-school trading-based european competitors who are buying items in 
Asia, we operate from our own chinese production offices, linked to a european sales and marketing team. 

This Chinese approach allows us to make a massive difference to our customers:

- More innovative products due to our unrivaled design and production flexibility. 
- Massive cost savings thanks to the absence of any intermediate companies and deep local chinese presence. 
- Better quality assurance & service guarantee as we control the entire process flow in-house (design – production – logistics). 
- Full CSR transparency.
2004 /  808 Solutions was founded in Hong Kong by a mixed team of experienced marketeers from Europe and Belgians with years of China production experience . 

808 Solutions opens its first production office in Bao’An, Guangzhou. 

As chinese producer of sales premiums and related marcom products without inhouse european sales offices, we primarily  work for european corporate gift companies and advertisement agencies.
2006 /  808 Solutions opens its second production office in Ningbo, Zheijiang.
2007 /  808 Solutions starts servicing a number of european brand owners as supplier of marcom & OEM products.
2008 /  808 Solutions sets up a european sales and marketing office in Belgium to service a wider range of european customers.  Thanks to our service and reputation we become supplier of OEM products for line extensions (retail) for important brands.
2012 /  808 Solutions spins off its fast growing POS & shop display division, Brands On Display  ( .
Today no one in our industry has a wider and more experienced chinese presence. This allows us to offer better products at unbeatable prices. Faultlessly serviced and with 100% CSR transparency. No one knows China like we do. We are after all Chinese  and proudly so.