Logistics & Labeling

808 Solutions strives to seamlessly fit its products into your process flow. We not only develop and produce your OEM goodies,  we also guarantee an efficient & on-time delivery . 

We help streamlining your logistics by adjusting our complete logistical process to your need. In order to achieve this, we control all elements of the logistical process: from packing at the chinese production sites, over warehousing & delivery  anywhere in Europe.  

Packing in line with SKU needs

We pack our goods 100% according to customer requirements.

In bulk or inner and outer cartons, containing the desired quantities in terms of size, weight and SKU splits. Mixed, or per SKU. We execute cross picking to assemble kits on a case to case base, limiting your handling costs in Europe.

We work together with our POS division (Brands On Display) in order to pack the goods into a readymade counter or shop display.


We supply and attach labels or tags for each individual item, inner box and/or export carton as per customer request. Hangtags, labels or tags with consumer prices,  EA codes and any information required for internal processing. 


Every project has different logistical needs. Our experts discuss your requirements and offer the best solution for your specific situation. We offer full service fulfillment programs, warehousing, multipoint delivery. Or simply deliver to your warehouse anywhere in Europe.