Design Creativity

At 808 Solutions, design creativity and product innovation is at the very core of what we do. No boring me-too catalogue items, no meaningless goodies.

Our unique approach means we can go a quantum leap further than anyone else in the market. Thus offering you nicer, more effective promo items with high perceived value, perfectly matching your brand identity.

In a first phase, you meet our experienced european design and marketing team.  We try to understand your brand DNA, your target audience, your budget and your logistical needs. Based on this, we will propose give aways that will really work for your marketing activation.

Secondly, our inhouse chinese production team is set into motion.  Working on the factory production floors day in day out, this team will turn the concept into an actual product.  We will mould and shape your product, from scratch if needed. Finishing, printing and packing it to make your brand stand out of the crowd.

And guess what … this all happens at competitive pricing, because we produce the goodies ourselves. Want to know more about our in-house chinese production offices ?