3 persons festival poncho

Together with Vandekerckhove & Devos, 808 Solutions developed a cool catchy festival give away: a festival poncho for 3 persons. 

Festival poncho = picnic sheet

808 designed and produced a super large festival poncho for 3 persons. In case it would not rain during the festival, the poncho could be used as a large picnic sheet of 1.6 m x 1.8 m. Rain or shine, success guaranteed!

The whole Werchter festival grounds turned Mazda blue ... as seen on the 7 o clock 
Custom printed poncho

Vandekerckhove & Devos invented several catchy slogans, which 808 Solutions printed on the ponchos using gravure print method. 

Who would you like to kiss? Who would you like to date? Who’s phone number would you like?