For Levi’s, 808 Solutions designed and produced several unique custom made USB sticks, using different 
materials & creating various shapes.

Red Tab custom made USB stick / silicone

Made to the exact same look, dimensions and colors as the famous Levi’s Red Tab, 808 Solutions 
produced this USB stick in eco friendly silicone.

Batwing custom made USB stick / natural wood 

Executed in FSC pine wood, this custom made USB stick was created in the shape of the famous Levi’s 

Audio cassette custom made USB stick 

808 Solutions developed a USB stick in the shape of a classic audio cassette, including the typical box. 
Both the cassette and the box inlay were printed according to the Levi's artwork.

Looking for custom made USB sticks for your marketing campaign? We custom produce any model 
and gladly come up with a customized proposal for your brand.